Oyoun Mousa power station

Oyoun Mousa power station

1.Supply and installations of 20 units of 20 tons(package).

2.Installation of 20 nos. Trane brand package and central split A/C units.

3.Supply & installation of 8 nos. Green Heck brand fresh air fans.

4.Duct works and accessories: galvanized air duct supply, return exhaust fresh air system including air flow regulators, fire dampers, insulation and weatherproof-ing with cladding.

5.Air devices i.e. Louvers, grills and diffusers.

6.Furnished all main power requirements, engineering and supervision, tools and equipments.

7.Air balancing.

8.Workshop & As Built Drawings.

General Contractor Megecon
End Date 1998
Location Sinai
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    65. Gamal Al Din Dwidar.

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    Egypt: +201066303011 - +201020460441 - +201010115575

    Saudi Arabia: +966545102222

    Bahrain: +97377177817

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